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Tidewater Sailcloth Tents

A tidewater sailcloth tent is a high peak style tent featuring rounded ends, a translucent sail cloth fabric roof and wooden side poles. The sculpted peaks and eaves, with a hint of nautical flare, combine to create an open air event space. The Tidewater sailcloth tent fabric is waterproof and built strong to help assure your event is not affected by the elements. These tents are built from a lightweight sailcloth material which allows for warm, natural light during daytime events, and when lit, dramatically glows during evening and nighttime events. This type of tent must be staked or secured with concrete anchors, but cannot be secured with concrete ballast weight.

Please note we have a $2,500 minimum for all tenting orders. Please contact an Event Consultant if you have any questions or concerns.

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Tent Width Selection

51 FT. 57 FT.
Product # Of Legs Peak Height Leg Height Price
51 Round Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2500

2601 SQ FT
16 24' 8' $4,550.00 [each]
51x71 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2525

3621 SQ FT

20 24' 8' $6,330.00 [each]
51x91 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2550

4641 SQ FT

24 24' 8' $8,110.00 [each]
51x111 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2575

5661 SQ FT

28 24' 8' $9,890.00 [each]
Product # Of Legs Peak Height Leg Height Price
57 Round Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2580

3192 SQ FT

18 25' 8' $5,580.00 [each]
57x76 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2585

4332 SQ FT

22 25' 8' $7,575.00 [each]
57x86 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2586

4902 SQ FT

24 25' 8' $8,580.00 [each]
57x96 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2590

5472 SQ FT

26 25' 8' $9,565.00 [each]
57x126 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

SKU: 4025-2588

7182 SQ FT 

28 25' 8' $12,570.00 [each]