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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your tent cancellation policy? 

We require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE tent deposit. When you reserve a tent and any accessories, we immediately remove them from our inventory and schedule crew. Therefore, any tent cancellation received will be charged 50% of the cost of the tent.

How can I tell what size tent I’ll need for my event?

Call one of our Event Consultants and we’ll be glad to help. You can also reference our Tent Sizing Guidelines.

What are my options if the area I want to use is muddy or otherwise not suitable for my guests to walk on?

We can install a wood floor and cover the floor with carpet. This is an ideal way to give a more comfortable and upscale feel to your space. A temporary floor can also keep your guests dry in case of rain. Please reference our Tent Flooring  section for more information.

Is a tent permit always required?

Tent permit requirements and fees vary by county and city, and by tent size and style. Leave it to the professionals at All Occasions to handle the tent permitting for your event. Just ask one of our Event Consultants for pricing and details.

How can I be sure we can safely install stakes?

All Occasions will call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, prior to staking your tent.   Local member companies, including gas/electric and phone companies, will be notified of your plans and will come to your site to mark utility lines. After this marking has been done, staking can proceed safely. You are responsible for informing All Occasions of private utilities such as sprinkler lines, landscape lighting and invisible dog fences. 

What do I need to do to prepare the area before you install a tent?

The area needs to be completely free of any structures, furniture or other items. This includes the area adjacent to where the tent will go. We’ll give you more details when you place your order. 

Can I cook in a tent?

Generally, no. While our tents are flameproof, they are not suitable for grilling or other forms of cooking. Licensed caterers can use equipment to keep food warm inside a tent. Any grilling or other cooking must occur outside the tent area or in a separate tent designated only for catering use. Catering tents always include fire extinguishers.

What safety measures do I need to consider?

Local fire regulations vary, but often require events to include lighted exit signs, fire extinguishers, double doors for tents that feature walls, and/or a minimum amount of space between tables or chairs. All of these requirements will be a part of the permitting process, and are based on the size of the tent, how long it will be used, and other factors. We will work with you and the local fire safety professionals to ensure that requirements are met and your guests are safe at all times.

What if it storms during my event?

We encourage you to have a ‘rain plan’ in case of inclement or severe weather. When helping you to select a tent style, we will discuss weather conditions and which tents are designed for wind, rain, or cold weather. Evacuation of tents to avoid possible injury is recommended when severe weather threatens the area where the tents are erected.