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Tips and Guidelines

Beverage Equipment

Picnic Beverage Guideline for 150 people:

  • 10 gallons of iced tea
  • 8 gallons of lemonade
  • 2 soft drinks per person

Whenever you use a hot beverage container, always warm it up by filling it with hot water and then draining the water before finally filling it with the hot beverage. One coffee station per 60 guests. Use cold water in coffee makers as brewing is timed from a cold water start. One pound of coffee will make 55 cups of brewed coffee. 

Chafing Equipment

  • Place one inch of hot water in water pan of chafer before serving.
  • You will need a serving utensil for each serving dish.
  • Never add fresh food to a chafing dish on the buffet table. Take out the used food pan and replace with a full one.
  • Rectangular chafing dishes are good for foods that are to be kept flat such as chicken breasts, fish fillets and lasagna.
  • Stainless steel food pans can be placed in the oven to keep food warm.
  • Round chafing dishes are used for sauces, casserole type entrees, and some vegetables.
  • Light fuel 15 minutes before opening the buffet. Purchase extra fuel to cover the full time the buffet will be open. Allow one buffet line per 50 guests.


  • Utensils should be placed for use from the outer edge of the place setting toward the plate.
  • Be sure to order separate counts of salad and dessert forks.
  • You will need a serving fork and/or spoon for each serving dish, bowl or tray.


Support your organization or charity and 100% of the rental fee goes to your designated group. 

With this unique program individuals may rent a flock of pink plastic flamingos for a special event or activity. The entire amount of the rental fee then goes to the non-profit organization of the renter’s choice. A letter and check are sent to the organization or charity with donor acknowledgment.

Conference Tips

How to use triple coat checks:

  • 1st part goes on coat hanger
  • 2nd part goes on hat or umbrella
  • 3rd part goes to guest

Pipe and Drape has many useful applications:

  • Use as a stage backdrop
  • Makes great dividers for meetings and banquets
  • Drape the sides of a rear projection screen for presentations

Silver Service

Silver accessories add something special to your table presentation.

  • Allow 5 lbs. of nuts per 100 people.
  • Allow 3 lbs. of mints per 100 people.

It is not necessary that all silver serving pieces match. An assortment creates interest.

Tents & Accessories

If planning to dig… use the phone before the shovel. You’ll be protecting property and people. 

Call before you dig:
A Service of the Ohio Utilities Protection Service. 

What happens when you call:

  • You call 48 hours before digging.
  • They notify member companies.
  • Companies come to the site and mark utility lines by color codes.
  • Digging can proceed safely.

Tent Event Checklist:

  • walkway
  • tents
  • sidewalls
  • liners/drape
  • lighting
  • heating/cooling
  • electrical requirements
  • comfort stations
  • decor
  • flooring
  • staging
  • tables
  • chairs
  • linens
  • glassware
  • flatware
  • serving equipment