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Iris Coupe

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  • Iris Coupe, Salad Plate 8″
    SKU: 2345-1000

    Rented in quantities of 40.

    $1.65 each
  • Iris Coupe, B&B Plate 6″
    SKU: 2345-1020

    Rented in quantities of 40.

    $1.65 each
  • 12″ Iris Coupe Charger
    SKU: 2345-900

    Coming soon! Anticipated arrival February – March 2023.

    Rented in quantities of 20

    $6.00 each
  • Iris Coupe, Dinner Plate 10.5″
    SKU: 2345-1010

    Rented in quantities of 20.

    $1.65 each