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Tabletop Lecternette
Battery powered, reading lamp, 25' corded microphone, audience capacity is 100 people.


Lecternette Speaker Stand
Folding stand contains additional speakers, audience capacity increases to 150 people, must be used with tabletop lecternette.


Lecternette with wireless microphone

Without speaker stand


One-piece floor lectern, 48' H x 26 1/2' W x 24' D, 70 lbs., reading light, microphone, storage area, charcoal fabric covered, rear rubber casters for mobility, 5' power cord, audience capacity is 600 people. 


Acrylic Lectern
Overall dimensions: 26.75"W x 47"H x 14.25"Desktop dimensions: 26.75"W x 14.25" Base dimensions: 26.75"W x 14.75"D